Joseph Pilates working with a client.Joseph Pilates originally created this unique system of rehabilitative and conditioning execises to improve his own health. During WWI he continued to develop and use his work to help rehabilitate wounded people.

Medical Professionals recognize the therapeutic potential of this system, and many hospitals and clinics now offer Pilates for injured and physically challenged patients. As corrective exercise, Pilates balances and strengthens the pelvis, hips, low back and deep support muscles. This helps prevent injuries and minimizes problems from pre-existing injuries.

Donna working with a wheelchair patient.Pilates is proven effective in the treatment of;

Donna McLean has long been involved in bringing Pilates to the medical community as Therapeutic Exercise. She has worked with patients for over 15 years at various medical facilities, including Colorado Physical Therapy Institute. Doctors and Physical Therapists regularly approach Donna to help them bring Pilates into their practices, as well as to train them as Pilates Instructors. A survivor of traumatic head injury herself, Donna has dedicated herself to helping others recover from similar problems. Over the years she has specialized in making Pilates part of a program to help with recovery from closed head injuries, and has been a presenter at the Colorado Association for Traumatic Brain Injuries annual events.

Donna with a wheelchair patient on the half barrel.

In 2001, Donna’s son Justin was left partially paralyzed after a serious motocross accident. “All my years of experience prepared me for working with my son,” Donna says. “Pilates has made a significant contribution to his rehabilitation by allowing us to effectively identify, develop and refine the movement he can access. And although his injury has left him in a wheel chair, he has good core strength and the understanding of how to apply the principles of Pilates in everyday life.”

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Donna working with a wheelchair client on the Cadillac.