Instructor Training Programs

Donna McLean has dedicated herself to learning and teaching Pilates since 1985. Her love of learning has led to an ongoing exploration of the Pilates method. After years of study with first generation Pilates teachers Bruce King, Eve Gentry, Romana Kryzanowska, Carola Trier, Ron Fletcher, Alan Herdman and Mary Bowen, she has aquired a solid understanding of the original Pilates Method and its' principles, as conceived by Joseph Pilates.

Donna working with a student.After experiencing how Pilates has evolved and developed as it moved from the Eastern United States across the country to the West Coast, Donna has combined the best of all of these variations. With a thorough understanding of anatomy and modern movement science she has developed the EastWest Method of training Pilates Instructors. Previously through The Donna McLean Studio, and now her parent company EastWest Pilates, Donna has trained hundreds of Pilates Instructors throughout the United States and Europe. She has also advised many of her clients on how to establish their own Pilates studios.

Pilates Bodies currently offers training programs for teachers with any experience level from their first certification through advanced levels. Instruction is available to learn to teach on any of the Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Ladder Barrel, the Chair, the various small apparatus and the Mat. In addition, we offer specialized training using Pilates for Therapeutic Exercise. Call us at (303)485-9778 or e-mail for prices and more information on a program tailored to your individual needs.


Pilates Bodies can arrange a workshop at your location, or if you prefer you can come to our studio. All workshops include a certificate of completion. We offer workshops to fit any need, including;

We will also custom design a workshop to meet your requirements. Call us at (303)485-9778 or e-mail for more information or to schedule your own workshop.

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Donna with a student on the reformer.