Donna McLeanDonna McLean, Master Pilates Instructor and owner of PilatesBodies, is a Certifed Pilates Instructor and Educator with over 25 years experience teaching Pilates. Since her introduction to Pilates in 1985, she has exposed herself to as many styles of Pilates as possible, allowing her to tailor programs to the individual needs of her students and clients. She also has a professional background in dance, 38 years practicing Raja Yoga, and instructor certifications in Hatha Yoga and NIA.

In 1986 Donna opened her first Pilates Studio, InnerMotion, in Boulder, Colorado. Since then she has continued to teach while studying with first generation Pilates teachers Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King, Carola Trier, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher and Mary Bowen as well as many of her own peers. She currently holds four certifications in teaching the Pilates Method, and is qualified to teach on all the various Pilates equipment.

Donna’s teaching is based on traditional and contemporary approaches to this great work. She has long been involved in bringing Pilates into the medical community as Therapeutic Exercise. Her Instructor Training Program, EastWest Pilates, is multi-layered, and accomodates the needs and levels of instructors from beginner through advanced.

Pilates Bodies welcomes Amy Menefee, MPT. Amy chose Pilates as an exercise method to help her stay fit while dealing with her own aches from arthritis. After experiencing the benefits of Pilates, she decided to become an instructor herself.






Pilates Bodies.PilatesBodies was purchased by Donna McLean in August of 2005. Now, after an expansion and a complete remodelling, the studio is more than twice as big as it was. Our new space is full of light, and offers a soothing atmosphere that encourages a complete body, mind and spirit experience. It is truly a fun, energizing way to experience Pilates.

We now offer classes as well as private and semi-private instruction. Please feel free to stop in any time to visit our studio, ask questions, see the equipment, meet Donna, or just have a cup of tea. Be sure to schedule an appointment while times are still available.

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