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What is Pilates?

Joseph H Pilates.Pilates is a unique system of rehabilitative and conditioning exercise created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. He studied Yoga and the rigorous regimens of the ancient Greeks to help improve his own health. During WWI he continued to develop and use his work to help rehabilitate wounded people. His method (then known as Contrology) grew in popularity in Europe, and in 1925 he brought it to New York City, where it quickly became a training mainstay for dancers, performers and athletes. Pilates is no longer for the "physically elite", and is now widely used as an execise system for anyone, regardless of age or ability.

Picture of chair patentAlthough Joseph Pilates never created an official teacher training program, two of his early students, Lolita San Miguel and Kathy Grant, were officially certified to teach by Joe himself. Several others, including Eve Gentry, Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King, Ron Fletcher, Carola Trier, Alan Heardman and Mary Bowen, opened studios to carry on his work. Joe’s wife, Clara, continued on with his New York studio where Romana eventually became director.

The premise of Pilates is that a few well done exercises are more effective than many sloppy repititions. The quality rather than the quantity of movement is emphasized. Used long enough, these new, correctly executed movements become habit and contribute to optimum physical strength. These basic tenets have proven over the years that Pilates is effective for people of all fitness levels in enhancing life by building core strength, reducing stress and rehabilitating injuries.   

Joe and Clara Pilates.In October of 2000, after a trademark lawsuit, Pilates was ruled a generic term, meaning that Pilates would be considered a method of exercise, like yoga or karate, and cannot be owned. When Joseph Pilates died, his method was barely known beyond the elite group of dancers, actors, and wealthy clients who trained at his studio. Joe believed passionately in his work and wanted every school and gym to teach it. He dreamed of a day when evryone could benefit from his work. “I am fifty years ahead of my time,” he once said. He was right. Today Pilates is recognized around the world.